I sent a long message to you guys last week...and it never got one answered to it. Concerniong my mom and having 3 large cats she has to care for and she has knee problems and thining bones and has to take all the cat refuse down the stairs (the catbox is upstairs); All that weight of cat litter and refuse. She has to hold to the handrails of the stairs to go down. She lives alone. She has a few services that the state of Texas is helping in but they only see her twice a week. I'm trying to get rid of at least 2 cats. That way its not too much responsibility for her. Shes also feeding stray cats outside her condo complex. All the property is in my name so I wouldn't be surprised if they (the condo association) try to kick me out being that my mom is making these stray cats come back for food. I'm here with her till next week to return to work on the west coast. She's here in Texas. I've already sent this message a few days ago it never got posted. I would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks.

VC, beyond the very earliest stages of dementia, a person is no longer able to live alone. Your mom needs to be in a supportive living environment, such as Assisted Living.

Can you work with one of the Social Workers at the Area Agency on Aging in her Texas county to see how you can make that happen?
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Some Assisted Living facilities allow at least one cat. Some allow several. I do know it cost more and adds at least 200.00 to the monthly bill right away according to one recent poster. She also did not think there was assistance with cleaning cat boxes, wasn't certain what they would do about that, but at least no stairs involved.
You say that your Mom is diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Is she still living alone and capable of doing this? Does she have daily help but none of them able to assist with the cat care? It sounds as though you may be looking at a need for placement in future?
I cannot help but think that the cats are but one of a bunch of problems at this time, but for your Mom perhaps the worst of the problems as she is not going to want to leave her animals; they will be the worst problem in any relocation.
Other than hiring someone to help with all this I haven't honestly, at this point, have any idea what you can do. Removing the animals for any senior is tantamount to a death blow in their own minds.
I hope you get some ideas from others. I don't know what to recommend to you.
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you might try calling pet stores or the humane society in your mothers area and ask about where you can find placement for the cats. In some areas folks will take them in to adopt out.
what are your plans to move mom to an easier place for her to manage?
The Area Agency on Aging May be able to advise you of more suitable housing. They can assess her for the type of care she needs.
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Is it possible to get a live in caregiver for her that can help her stay safe? Maybe someone that is in need of a place to live and a bit of extra cash that can be a friend and helper.

My mom would rather die than give up her beloved animals, so I have been thinking about how to keep her independent as long as possible and I am really leaning towards a house mate that can be a helper but mostly a companion.

You are lucky it is cats, my mom feeds the pigeons and it is just awful and freaky.

I hope you find a viable solution.
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