Mickey Rooney is testifying before the Senate Aging Committee today in Wash. DC regarding legislation to help curb elder abuse. I am following this closely. He had financial abuse and medication withheld. Do other caregivers plan to contact their Senators and Representatives to push for more action in the face of budget cuts?

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Last week, I wrote a letter to our state assemblyman, senator, and governor. I spent two weeks on the telephone trying to find elder services only to be given more telephone numbers or pamphlets. I discovered that, in my state, they are cutting funds to the only program that actually does something for seniors. One of the workers commented to me, "the only time these leaders think about eldercare is when one of their parents is in need." Perhaps that is really do not know the impact on your life caregiving will bring until you are in the middle of it. To have no support programs for them, just makes it worse.
One glimmer of hope is Sen. Ron Wyden (OR) who is trying to pass a bill that would allow physician house calls for shut-ins and the diabled.

The major problem with being heard is that caregivers are generally too tired and busy to become "political." However, it does not take too long to write a letter. Every state has a website where you can make your wishes known. Many organizations that are in danger of being cut have "form letters" that you can use as a template for your letter.
I would highly recommend speaking up.
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Everyone might want to look into the National Family Caregivers Association at or 1-800-896-3650

They are a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, support and advocacy of Family Caregivers and they do a lot of political representation and action for us. It is free to join and a terrific group.
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