I have to give him eye drops and you'd think that it was the worst calamity ever...

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LOL! That's common. My take is that men like to be "in charge" and any health issue hurts their ego. Then they turn into little boys with "mommy" taking care of them, and this makes them cranky. Don't tell anyone I said so :)
It's well known that doctor's make the worst patients. Part of that may be because they "know too much," but in the past most doctors were men, so they had a double whammy - loss of power in two ways.

This is something you'll have to just accept. He can't help it. He hates feeling that he needs help. Try to have compassion for his feeling of loss and helplessness. You are the strong one.
Take care,
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Hey Tropical!
Nice to see you!
ah ... the eye drop dilema. You hit home on another familiar topic. The #@$!% eyedrops.

Dad had retina surgery several years ago & needed them twice a day. He was a big baby! Finally his buddy at the institution who loves being involved, took it upon himself to do the duty.
It was comical! Had Dad lay on the couch with his head draped over the arm. Dad would be flinching around, Eric was trying to steady his hand with the tiny bottle. Somehow they managed!

The little bottle the size of my thumbnail cost over $80 so every drop was precious.
I should have given Dad a bullet to bite on ... manly thing.
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Maybe men were just more controlling than women were when he was younger and taking care of a family. Now he has to relinquish control to one of his children! I'm such a control freak now, my poor husband someday.....
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