My parents currently qualify for the Medicare 'extra help'. It seems that every year they receive a questionnaire that is used to help verify their continued eligibility.

They moved in with me last year though and give me a check every month to cover room and board costs.

When the questionnaire asks how many are in your household, do they need to include myself? They do not support me nor do I pay for any of their monthly fixed expenses.

When I spoke with a tax accountant earlier this year, she mentioned that I did not have to claim the money that they pay me that goes toward food and utilities as income.


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I'm actually referring to the Extra Help program for Medicare. It assists with prescription drug costs.
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You mean Medicaid, I think. There is no annual qualification for Medicare. Medicaid usually requires a care contract or share of cost agreement to be in writing. As far as room and board---they pay their fare share of all these? Then it is share of cost. Records must be kept as proof costs are fairly divided. Any excess would be a considered a gift to you. For example, if you own your home free and clear, but collect rent from them, that's rental income.
If you rent an apartment and split the rent per person, that's share of cost .
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