Bradycardia is a condition that is normal for some but generally speaking the heart beat is considered normal between 60 and 100. A pacemaker kept my mom’s no lower than 60.
My DH aunt takes a med that lowers the pulse. Hers is logged daily (by using an oximeter). If it goes beneath a certain number, that med is held that day.
My son has a lower than 60 heart rate naturally. No treatment necessary.
If you feel your heart rate is low and this is new for you, seek medical attention.
If you were trying to look that up and entered “low heart beat” in the question space instead of the search space, try again. You can find more info by searching for that in the search space.
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Need more. Why is it low? Are you on medications that may have this side effect? Many people have a low heart NORMALLY, and have no affect, often called "athelete's heart".
So do let us know. How did you learn of this and what does your doc suggest. Do know that pacemaker placement is, unless there is a complication which is unusual, an easy surgery and they get more and more and more sophisticated; can now last over 10 years on one battery. My partner is on his 4th battery change.
So let us know what is happening to you. Remember, after you fill in the subject line there is a whole area below to elaborate on your question. Feel free to do it now on this same thread. And welcome.
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Need a bit more information.
But if you are detecting a very low heart rate and the person has not previously been diagnosed with any heart problems and is otherwise healthy you should call 911.
If this is in a person that is currently under a doctors care you should contact the doctors office.
When in doubt call 911
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