I am nearing 87 years of age, living alone in a rural setting. I have most always kept myself busy maintaining my property and engaging myself in crafts, etc., but lately I find myself putting off chores that need to be performed, preferring instead to sit around the house and doing only those things that can't be put off, like cooking my meals, etc. I really have no health problems that would prohibit me from performing these necessary tasks, and this worries me. It's like I've become lazy... so unlike me. Could my recent laziness be my body talking to me? This is causing me some concern.

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I'm so happy for you that you're 87 and still going strong and with it enough to know that something might be a little off/different than usual.

Are you not doing it because of pain?

Have you been to the doc lately? Might need to get a blood workup done to see if something is a little off. For example, if you're anemic you could be more tired than usual.
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It’s time to share this with your doctor. My dad had many of the same feelings you did. It wasn’t classical depression as we think of it, but he’d experienced a lot of loss, couldn’t do as much as he was accustomed to doing, and had far more time on his hands. There was a malaise that set in. His doctor gave him a low dose of Zoloft, dad called it his “attitude medicine” and it did help his outlook. No idea if this would be a help for you, but I do think you need to discuss what you’re feeling with your doctor
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I’m someone who doesn’t know I’m depressed unless someone asks me.

So, do you have any symptoms of depression?

It’s not always “feeling sad”.

Google “Symptoms of depression” and see if you find that you’re living with some of them.

If you find that you are, ask your health care professional for the next step to take.

GOOD LCK. I doubt that you’re body is ready to stop having fun.
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scribe, I know what you mean. Back when I had my career, everything around the house got done. Once I retired at 74, after one year the lazy bug hit. It was just the idea that I really didn't need to do this or that today, it could wait until tomorrow, or maybe next week, and yes next year.

I found I didn't have the same energy level I had a couple years prior. Then it dawned on me, I didn't have the energy level I had 10 years ago, or 20 years ago. My body was talking to me, it was saying "hey, we're tired". Just a fact of life.

Welcome to the club :)
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