She's currently in group home and wants to live independently. Wondered about caregivers for 8 hr shift/day?
Also wonder about independent assisted living facilities. Or group homes with more activities?

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Independent living is not where she should be. They are for people who are still active and can do for themselves. There are activities and shopping trips but its up to the person to get to dinner and be able to be involved in the activities.

Sounds like she needs an AL. That costs money depending on where u live. Medicaid doesn't usually pay for ALs. U would need to check that out in ur State. Her other option is Medicaid paying for LTC which she may not be ready for or fit that criteria.

Your profile is saying u care for ur Mom. Is this someone her? Really doesn't matter, if this person needs care and has no money then a group home may be where she should be. Its hard getting help in the home. Medicaid may help. Agencies charge lots an hour.
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Evange, this may be a long shot, but it's worth a try:  stroke groups.    In my area, the religious hospitals have more support groups than the for profit hospitals.   One used to have a stroke support group; I don't know if it still does.   It was lead by a social worker.

SW's frequently have a lot of connections and knowledge of support opportunities.   They can also help assess what kind of independent living facilities might be appropriate, such as ones in multi-function complexes.   The facility in which my father spent his last days had rehab, AL, IL and hospice care, each in separate buildings, but with a centralized management and security patrols. 

This will probably be a lengthy search, but if you could find a support group, accompany her, create a checklist, then start searching, you could help her find something that might suit her needs.   I think the issue really turns on what limitations she may have from the stroke. 

And that raises another issue, as to whether or not she's had or is getting therapy for post-stroke recovery.

I read sometime last year about a new style group home with independent living.   It was kind of a "Golden Girls" with support arrangement.  Offhand, I can't remember the name of the facility, or the type of care provided though.
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