Age 82; diagnosis dementia; minimal mobility; needs placement for in a good PT facility; live in Newark, NJ

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Is he currently in the hospital? Is his doctor recommending in patient PT? Physical therapy can be difficult with dementia patients who may have difficulty comprehending instructions.
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Some hospitals have their own in-hospital PT facilities, or ones connected with that hospital. I'm confused though about "placement a good PT facility". Are you referring to a facility which has a good PT program?

I've found the best way is to research the available facilities in the area, make a list of your concerns, contact the facility and ask about the issues of importance to you, then ask for a tour. If they're reluctant to spend the time for just a quick tour, keep on looking.

However, I have found that the absolutely best facilities for outpatient PT are the ones that are hospital affiliated, whether they're an adjunct of the hospital or a separate entity within the holding group or corporate parent of the hospital.

Are there any hospitals in Newark that are exceptional? If so, contact them and ask if they have both (a) in patient PT programs and/or (b) outpatient PT programs.

If your husband needs outpatient therapy, eventually, raise that issue as well to address the transportation needs; they may have suggestions on medical transport programs.
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