My Father was put in a New Assisted Living Facility in May 2009, they claim the fee was going to be one fee for his care on the Alzheimers unit, except for outside activites. My father is on a very tight budget, and we are trying to get help from the VA. Now last month the facility has came up with a current new rule that will cost my father more money. They wanted my father to use a current mail in order pharmacy that would cost my father double since he gets his meds from the VA, we refused the offer from this "Middle Tennessee Pharmacy". Now they are stating that they will charge us $75.00 more a month to give him his medication, even though our contract states this is part of his care, due to the medication not being bubble packed. The VA has sent the medication in their type of bubble packing, but it is not what they require. So do we need to seek legal questions, on this medication issue?

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It does sound like you will need to seek legal advice. They changed the rules in the middle of the game.

Many nursing homes like to use one pharmacy so they can get meds in an emergency, but there shouldn't be an additional charge. Assisted Living centers aren't under as strict regulation, and they don't all give medication assitance, so I'm not sure how you will come out on this, but I would check with an attorney. If you have an elder attorney in your area, that should be a good choice. You can call your State Bar Association for a reference.

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