My daughter endorsed her check and I deposited it in my bank account. I used $1500 of it to remimburse myself for home repairs I had done for my daughter. I deposited $4,000 into her bank account. The $4,000 will cover the automatic deductions I arranged for her health insurance, mortgage payments, and utilities for 4 months. In the meantime, I am hoping to convince the Social Security Administration to restore at least a large part of her husband's social security payments of formerly $1700 a month. Those were discontinued in June. Thus my daughter's income is only $603 a month in Social Security income right now. Ultimately, my daughter may qualify for Medicaid. If so, will the insurance money we have used and will be using for a few months to survive be a problem? I am 86 and my TRS income is $3100 a month. Thank you for your help.

There is no convincing them, you call and apply for widow benefits for her and she will get 75% of his, less her own. It is the same dollar amount, but you don't get 75% of his plus hers. Basically she will get 1,275 monthly, 603 from her account and the remaining amount from his.

If she can make it on 1k monthly she will be financially stable once she gets his SS.

She needs to call and apply, you can be on a 3 way call, but she has to answer the questions with no prompting from you.

Get her to make that call today. Because it doesn't go back to his death, it only goes back to when she started the application.
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Do you mean Medicaid for in home care or health insurance? There is different criteria for each. Health, u can have money in the bank, in home care I think there is a spend down. These are really questions for Medicaid. Each State is different.

Is your daughter a Widow? Thats the only time she would be entitled to husbands SS. If divorced a different scenario altogether. Both my DH started collecting our SS at 62. We are only collecting 75% of what we would have at 66. My SS was already half of his so no increase in mine. If he passes, I will only receive his 1600 and my 800 will be dropped. I was told there is a formula but basically I will get his.

I remember a problem one poster had when it came to SS lowering or not giving a Widow the whole amount. It had to do with employer not deducting correctly, I think.

Your daughter may be eligible for SSI which is a supplimental income. Medicaid for health insurance goes along with this. Your local Social Service dept can help you there.
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