Last stage of Alzheimer's and now sleeping 22hr/day. Is it the end?


I was wondering if this is "finally" close to be the end? My grandmother had dementia and Alzheimer for about 10 years now (she's 95yrs old) and for the last year or so, she doesn't recognize me, and in the last 2-3 months, she doesnt recognize her only daughter (she was the last one she was still recognizing). My mom goes there every week, and for the last 2 months, she was pretty much sleeping all the time. She had some moments when she was awake, but those are pretty rare now. Her doctor decided to stop any medication shes taking and see how it goes.

In the last 5 years, she was always asking us about suicide assistance, and for the last year, her last words she was still able to say was "dying" "please end"... So sad to know that all she wants is to leave abd we cant do anything... and that her last words she was able to pronounce were nothing peaceful :( I've been praying for years so God can come get her.. We are kind of hoping that this sleeping situation could finally be one of the last thing before she goes... Am I wrong?

Also if you had a similar situation, could you tell me how long it took before the person reached the end, or how long its been since the sleeping phase started? Thank you

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Is she on hospice? If not get her evaluated with a script from her doctor. Hospice is a blessing and aids with the transition for grandma and family.
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Dear Nyny29,

How I wish I could give you the answer you're seeking but, alas, I cannot.

The reason I'm replying to you, though, is because I want to send you a heartfelt and strong HUG! Oh, my dear, I feel so strongly and emotionally for you and, of course, your Grandmother who wants the "end" to arrive so very much, too.

Again, my prayers are with you both and I pray you'll both find the peace you are so desperately seeking.

All my love, Michele
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See post below....
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