My mum had a knee replacement in Aug , after the op she was delirious & confused, then contracted pneumonia which was treated. She's also now doubly incontinent. The consultant has now informed us that she is bed bound as the physios couldn't work with her because of the confusion. We as a family are finding all this so difficult. She went into the hospital fine apart from a painful knee and she now has other health issues due to being bed bound. How could this happen?

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From what I have read, general anesthesia can cause temporary state of confusion in elderly patients. My uncle (75 yo and has dementia) recently underwent TKR (total knee replacement). He faced similar situation (confusion, memory loss, delusion) for few days post-op. However the therapist/hospital staff made sure he underwent essential movements (walking with a walker, etc) the next day after the surgery. His state of confusion improved in 3-4 days. As with any surgery, you need to take extreme care of the patent post-op. Although it was painful, my uncle religiously followed instructions from therapists. He recovered and regained his confidence in a month.   

You should consult your surgeon / doctor for options. What I have read is that the physical therapy is very important post-op otherwise the knees get blocked. I am sure there are solutions to fix this and nothing is impossible.  

I would suggest doing some research as well. I found this website informative: topic=A00389
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