My mother has a number of complications with regard to obtaining Medicaid, not the least of which is that we've done no advanced planning. She's 90, and recently had a mild stroke, however, she's doing well living at home with our help. I've contacted the local Corporation For The Aging for assistance but even after googling them I remain uncertain as to what such agencies actually do. Does anyone know??

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My county Department of Aging actually assists people in applying for Medicaid. They have social workers and people make appointments with them. The SW reviews their paperwork and tell them what they may be missing and provides guidance.
I would seek out your local county Dept of Aging first.
I too have never heard of what the first poster is talking about.
Utilize your free resources first. Go to your state Medicaid site and read your state’s Medicaid requirements.
if you parent has assets she will need to spend them down to Medicaid requirements.
I am not an expert on this, but I am familiar with what my county Dept of Aging offers. They will have info on programs your mother may be eligible for prescription payment, low income Senior housing, etc. that she can apply for if she is considered indigent.
Good luck!
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