My Uncle cares for my Grandmother in his house. He has a caregiver come in pays her under the table. Uses my Grandmothers money. Had my Grandmother sign over her land/house at the age of 93. Just sad......
Would you report him ?

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Sunnydays12, what part of this to you think might be abuse?

What are Grandma's impairments? Does she have dementia?
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SunnyDay, it is very expensive to take care of an elder at home. The cost of the Caregivers, plus things that Grandmother might need on a daily basis such as Depends which aren't cheap.

Your uncle needs to speak with a tax accountant, because if your uncle is paying more than 50% of his mother's care, it could be possible that he might be able to write off some of the expenses. Paying the caregivers in cash he would have no proof.

How old is your Grandmother? You mentioned she transferred her house/land over to her son, who is taking care of her at 93. I hope your Grandmother has enough funds to pay for her care for a few more years. If not, when she tries to apply for Medicaid, they will take a look at that real estate transfer as part of their estimate. On the plus side, Medicaid could take into consideration that she had lived at home for many years with care, thus not needing Medicaid during that time frame. When it comes to Medicaid, each State has their own rules, regulations, and programs.
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It depends on a lot of facts. If grandma is competent, she can sign over her land if she wants to. Unless there is some reason to believe she was coerced or under some undue pressure to sign it over, I'm not sure what could be done. Are there other adult children? Upon her death, he would likely get the house anyway, right? Or it would be split with the other siblings. There are many things to consider.
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In whose name(s) was the house titled before the transfer, and to whom did she "sign it over"? Is he now the sole owner, whereas before your GM was the owner?

Has your GM executed a DPOA, and if so, who's the proxy?

I don't see anything wrong with paying a caregiver from your GM's funds since it is for her care.

I think more detail on the potential abuse needs to be provided, though. It's hard to offer advice when so little is known about the situation.
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