Most of the groups I’ve been in have mostly dealt with severe dementia. My husband is at the forgetful stage where he asks me the same question a thousand times. He’s beginning to lose focus when driving. Very argumentative, allows no room for my opinion. Always has a problem for every solution.

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The repetition of having the same convo over and over again is very frustrating. Others have suggested things like giving simple, soothing answers to questions and not expecting them to remember or even understand. While it is boring for the care giver, it's just the way it is.

Losing focus while driving can be quite serious. If you see a concern there, I strongly suggest you do something sooner rather than later. You don't want to have to deal with the guilt if he were to have an accident and hurt himself. Or even worse, someone else.

I would not engage in any arguing with him. Do your best to keep your answers light and relatively simple. Go in the other room if you need to roll your eyes or scream into your pillow. Then take a deep breath and soldier on.

Are you able to get any breaks from being with him? If he can be safely alone or have a visit from a friend or relative, might be good for you to get out and do something for yourself to catch a break from the situation. Recharge your batteries and all that jazz.
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Even though some of our LOs maybe further on than your husband we have all gone thru the beginning stages.

First thing to go is their reasoning so don't even try. They are slow to process so you can't give them too much info. Comprehending is another thing. They get stuck on something and can't let it go. I know frustrating. Sometimes changing the subject helps. Don't argue, he will not see it your way.

Call the DMV and ask if they can give him a test for driving. They can take his license. So can his Doctor. He can inform the DMV that your husband should not be driving. That can take a few months before DMV requests his license.

I had a friend whose husband lost his keys and wallet. He still understood without his license he could not drive and no keys he couldn't drive his car. She had her own. Eventually she found both but hid them since by that time he was used to her driving.

There will be others who chime in.
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