In 3 weeks, Dad has gone from walking with a walker to not being able to stand. He just lays in bed, can hardly talk. Lost his appetite. Is the end coming?

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It's hard to say. Do you live in the US? If so, contact dad's doctor to get hospice in. They are very good at judging when someone is nearing the end. Is he drinking fluids?

My mom had different periods of bouncing back after I was sure it was the end. It can be really hard to tell where things are with some seniors. That's why having hospice and their knowledge is so comforting and helpful.
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I hope the assisted living or someone is changing his sleeping position often. I don't know a lot about bed sores or how long it would be..before it started. but after reading a recent post about bed sores, I would want to avoid at all cost, if he laying there all day.
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Hospice usually can come without a Dr's involvement up front. They will let you know what they can do to help the family and if your dad is eligible yet. Often people wait too long to call them - you have at least 6 mos eligibility and they are so kind!
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Hospice will need a Drs. order to continue help though.
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