I am open to any advice or suggestions you might have. His mind is great, but he gets very depressed because he can't do the things he has always done throughout his life. I further could use a listing of organizations who can provide me with discounts or free medical supplies and support. Thank you. Sherry

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Costley, I found this on Aging Care that should help.
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I’ve not heard of an organization that helps with Parkinson’s patients.
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I have been care giving for my mom with Parkinson's for years now. There's a website, that I found helpful. There should be a branch in your state, I know in Wisconsin they have a Respite Care grant that will reimburse you up to $750 to pay for caregivers so you can get away. As far as medical supplies, I get free Depends and chuck pads from the local Easter Seals. For advice, encourage your dad to keep moving. My mom will kick or tap her feet while sitting just to keep moving. My mom's doctor also encouraged caregivers or even just friends to visit during the week to keep her stimulated.
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Do know also that Parkinsons is one of the few things in which medications CAN help. Know also that medications, as well as the disease itself need careful monitoring and knowing side effects, due to the fact that while they may help one thing, say a tremor, they may hurt another (ie increase in hallucinations). Or help with hallucinations and hurt with tremor or unstable gait. So know all you can and the internet is your friend. There is a lot of information. Look for "forums" as well that might be helpful.
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On the blue navigation bar above, you will see CARE TOPICS,
Click on that, scroll down until you find PARKINSON'S.

Parkinson's Disease
A progressive disease of the nervous system that gradually decreases the amount of dopamine produced in the body. The loss of dopamine impacts movement and is marked by tremors, muscle rigidity, and the inability to control motor skills.
There are this many posts on the Aging Care website.
Parkinson's Disease Articles (64)
Parkinson's Disease Questions (543)
Parkinson's Disease Discussions (59)

And your very own question here to receive specific answers to your questions.

I also recommend you go to a teaching hospital website such as UCLA in LOS Angeles, where the authors of a book "Parkinson's for Dummies" was written.

You might also be able to get the best advice by taking your Father to same, or a Movement Disorders Clinic near you.
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I took care of my mom in my home for nearly 15 years with Parkinson’s. It is a progressive disease. It’s tough. Movements become slow and more rigid. Balance is a struggle. Tending to fall backwards can be an issue.

Have bars in shower, plus a seat. Have bed rails on bed to assist in getting out of bed. Amazon has them. Get a raised toilet seat with handles for lifting up. Remember what the physical therapist say about getting up, “Scoot forward, lean forward and out your nose over toes.”

Falling was a major concern for me. She did fall. That is rough. Fortunately mom never broke any bones

Mom couldn’t be home alone but I had a call button anyway. I did have to shower, do laundry, cook, clean, daily chores, so I didn’t see every single fall.

Sometimes I would be cooking her dinner and she fell. The call button alerts help. I also installed a lockbox with a key for the fireman to get into my home quickly.

Mom got slightly depressed. Primary care or neurologist will be able to recommend a neuropsychiatrist if meds are prescribed due to the Parkinson’s meds possibly interacting with the other meds. My mother had more anxiety than depression. But she was always a worrier.

Dementia can be an issue with Parkinson’s. My mom did not appear to have any cognitive decline but I would make note of any changes if they occur to relay to his neurologist.

Mom only took one medicine for her Parkinson’s, Sinamet. Sometimes more than one med is needed. If Parkinson’s is diagnosed earlier in life it progresses faster, such as in Michael J. Fox’s case.

If a fall does occur they will recommend home health. Please do it! Insurance pays for it. Do you have a supplemental insurance? It helps too. Do occupational therapy and physical therapy. They work on strength and balance.

If you have hospital visit after a fall and they say you need or you feel you need physical therapy and occupational therapy in a rehab facility please ask for it. It last almost three weeks and it helps so much. The hospital visit must be three days to qualify. Insurance pays for it.

There are so many things after taking care of my mom for so long. Private message me if you think of any specific questions or just want to talk. I’ve been there. I wish you the very best. Hugs!

Call Council on Aging and be put on waiting list for help with showering him. They will also tidy up his room and prepare simple foods.

Insurance will pay for most if not all of these, walker, toilet seat, bedside commode, etc.

There are handles called a car cane to aid in getting in and out of the car. Amazon has them. I don’t like that brand. You don’t need a flashlight attached and there is another one that is more solidly built because it’s all one steel piece, no silly built in flashlight. Can’t remember brand. Sorry.

I eventually had to cut up all of mom’s food. The fine motor skills start diminishing. Heavy coffee mugs were difficult for her. I had to buy lighter mugs. Getting dressed becomes difficult for them. They sell those gadgets to help them button their shirts. Mom liked that thing. Really everything becomes harder for them.

So warning, get help because it won’t be easy. He may eventually need placement somewhere. I was advised to do placement before things got too bad. I didn’t. I should have. I burned out. He may qualify for assisted living. If not a nursing home will be appropriate for his needs. Choose carefully. Know you have done all the you could. Visit as often as you like.

She is temporarily now with my brother and SIL until placement.
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