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Medicaid doesn’t take houses. They attempt to recovery the money they spent on your care. In the case of houses, they place leins on them. The house isn’t your asset if your name isn’t on it so medicaid won’t attach a lein to it.
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What kind od Medicaid are u on, health insurance. You may want to talk to Medicaid about how getting married may effect it. Your husbands income may count.
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I’d be first more concerned that your gonna be ineligible for Medicaid as a priority over the “what ifs” on a house years perhaps from now.

Please, PLEASE, please realize that any changes to your “status” has to be reported to the state IF you are on ANY “at need” program. Medicaid is an “at need” program both for medical and financial need.

State will totally find out as marriage license info goes into state database, that same database will have his real property (house) ownership recorded. I bet he would have to do a pretty tight & detailed prenup to have his assets separate, how post marriage assets are co-mingled, etc. that you sign off on, get notarized and filed appropriately at the courthouse - and a prenup done by an atty.

Realize Your getting married adds your new husbands income & assets to be included as to how any “at need” program determines your financial status as you both will be viewed as a single household. Unless he is either super well off himself - so he can include you in his health insurance and pay all copay costs or private pay for both him & you - OR he is is beyond impoverished himself so he’s “at need” himself, it probably imo isn’t a good idea to get married ever if your on “at need” programs.
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