I need help navigating on how to get my father into Assisted living. Currently he is living with my sister and she needs her life back. (He lived with me for 22 years before I passed him along to my sister because I needed a life)

He has severe mobility issues, is on 5 liters of O2 24/7, and can barely be left at home by himself. He doesn't think he is a burden, but he is. He still thinks he "will get better" and "it is the doctors fault that he is sick".

I need to find someone to come evaluate him in the home and tell him the truth that he isn't safe by himself.

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Can you and your sister tour some living facilities near one or both of you?

Once you've identified some places that are acceptable and affordable, speak to the Admissions Director about the best way to make this move. You aren't going to be able to convince him of anything. You may need to just move him and deal with his adjustment. Hopefully, he'll like it once he is there.
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As mentioned it is best to visit facilities. However before you do that I would suggest a few things. Consider the distance between you and the facility. It is much easier if it is close to you or your sister. Whomever is able to be more responsible for his needs. It doesn't mean you have to always go there but when you or she might it makes it much easier if it is closer. I would see if there is a waiting list and possibly put those out of consideration at least at first. I have had my mother in 2 in different states. I didn't care for ones that had non refundable fees just for applying. By that I mean there were a few that had over 1 thousand dollars in fees. That was for what I will describe as a membership for lack of another term. Neither one she has been in had that. She has been in 1 for profit and one not for profit. I prefer the one that was not for profit yet neither of these had what I am calling the membership fee. I would ask up front if there is an annual raise in fees. The not for profit one has had one in 2 years. The profit one had an annual raise that was somewhat high and also cost more in a more expensive state. Once you decide on a possible choice the facility will send someone to evaluate your father. These are starting points. I would be happy to answer any further possible questions.
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He may need more care than an AL can give.
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