What is the process so I can start. I would like to use my house. Thank you very much.

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I'm not sure what taking care of a senior advocate means, but I think you want to start a for profit business providing advice and solutions to people seeking care? Is that it?

Or are you interested in actually caring for elder people?

From what entity is the license? What's the scope of activity authorized?

Assuming you'll have an employee or employee in you home, you have legal, financial, licensing, medical and more issues to address.

Start with your local community to first determine if creating and operating a business in your own home is allowed. Zoning and use regulations may prohibit it, then you're "dead in the water" before you can even get started. If the community allows it, ask what licensing you need to operate the business? Find out if your city has an income tax, and learn how to plan for it in payroll deductions.

Find a good corporate attorney to discuss how to structure your business - assumed name, small business, etc. Ask about appropriate contracts for clients to execute. Ask about any and all liability situations you could possible encounter, and how to address them.

Raise the issue of having employees or independent contractors, and the legal, financial and liability issues of both options. If you have employees, what benefits will you provide? Do you have the financing to pay benefits?

Contact your county and state to determine what licensing requirements they have, in addition to whatever license you already have.

Contact your personal and commercial insurance carriers to discuss liability coverage and workers' comp for any staff you hire, as well as any other recommended coverage.

Find and take a course on locating, interviewing and hiring competent staff. Research how to train them, how to motivate them, and how to manage, especially if you've never been an employer before. The SBA used to offer seminars on similar aspects.

You could also get advice from trade organizations. Years ago I attended a conference of the Natl. Assn. of Women Business Owners; I was extremely impressed with the knowledge, dedication, caliber and professionalism of the members. Becoming involved in an organization like this, which also had mentoring aspects at the time, would be extremely helpful to you if this is your first business venture.

Find an accountant or contact the IRS and Tennessee revenue department directly to discuss salary deductions and quarterly payments. Get an EIN number from the IRS. (You HAVE to have an EIN number to operate a business.)

Consider, or consult an attorney or accountant, or other pro in the home care business and learn how best to advertise, interview, vette, train, and support a staff.

Consider what equipment you'll need and how to finance it.
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