A while back I had posted about catching the Nursing home doctor over medicating my Mother with Anti Psychotic's. As stated previously my Mom may have had Alzheimer's but she could walk and talk. By doing this it caused my Mom to decline rapidly, we had no idea what was going on. When we found out what had caused this I met with the Doctor and she would not listen and continued to give my Mom the medication even after I told her to stop. I moved Mom immediately to a new place and she went through withdrawal for days, it was just awful. I had been told that once this happens to someone chances are very slim that they will return to the way that they once were. I had great hope, the new home tried so hard. I found out that Dr. Hirgee was currently under indictment for this with a Hospice agency. The indictment is on line and it states that they would over medicate them to cause an early death!!!!

After moving Mom I filed against her with the Texas Medical Board and they immediately sent me a letter that she would be investigated and if they found her guilty it would end up in court. I waited for about 3 months with such high hopes that I could get her license and stop her from doing this to anyone else. I received my letter from the Texas Medical Board and I was in shock, it was like a knife in the heart. They claim they found that she did nothing wrong????

The family was NEVER notified of any medication changes although when we did get the medicine bill the doctor had added 21 new medications!!!! I'm so angry about this letter and that they claim the Doctor did nothing wrong. How can a doctor play God, she had no right to do this to my Mother.

I'm so disappointed and angry at the system. I waited daily for the mail, just knowing in my heart that this would not be allowed and they would take her license away especially with her back ground and current indictment. With everything that I have read on line about her I can't believe that she is even able to work. I feel just awful that I did not look the doctor up on line before this all happened. Who would have though something like this would be able to happen, we had her at a beautiful home, We paid a lot of money to keep her there and to feel like she was safe. I would never have let her leave my home if I had any idea that this could happen. The only reason I did allow her to be put in a home is because the doctor told us that although we thought we were doing good by keeping Mom at home we needed to place her in a facility because she required 24 hours a day care and this is what would be best for her. I know in my heart that if we would have placed her at the second home first she would still be here. I don't know what to do anymore. This has taken me down so bad that I quit my job, I barley leave the house and its all that goes through my mind!!! When I received that letter yesterday I felt like I could not feel any worse when I read that. I just wanted to stop her and now I'm sure she is just continuing on with her routine of giving these drugs to people. I feel like I have no recourse and just somehow get over all of this but I'm not doing to well. Its been several months and I just seem to feel worse every day. I Miss my Mom so bad!!!! I though that they had to notify you if there were any medication changes. I had POA, I was there at least every day or every other day in some cases its not like I was not accessible. I would ask why my Mom was going down hill so fast and they would just tell me well that happens sometimes. Can anyone tell me an recourse that I may have? I did speak to an attorney, not to sue for money but I was just so determined to get her license and stop her.

Something similar happened to my Father, He passed in 2005. We told the doctors that he could not take Plavix and they continues to give it to him. We even told them to stop and by that point it was to late. When he lived in Dallas his Doctor found that he could not take Plavix that it made him bleed. It was plastered all over his chart and we told them but due to them doing it anyway he bleed to death. I than had to sit and a few months later watch all these commercials about a class action suite against this drug and how it made people bleed to death. I'm just so disgusted with how the system treats our elders but I also feel helpless. I did not pursue the law suit about Plavix, I did not want my Mother to have to relive that again. I feel like I can't let this go, I have no idea what to do or where to go can anyone give me some advice on if I have any recourse at all? Thanks for listening, its been a very rough time, People think I should be over this but I just can't get out of my head the pictures of all the things my Mom had to go through and I was helpless.

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So sorry for what you have gone through. Perhaps you would benefit from grief counseling? Also, you can file a civil suit against the doctor. If she loses, she might become uninsurable and have to give up practicing medicine.
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