My husband has Alz and many more problems and I have been caring for him. The children help on weekends and pay for 3 hrs a week care. I have selected a place and am getting the paper work done. the Dr. said two months ago that he would not be doing this, Alzeheimer pt with many other problems, and I am the main (only) care giver. I do have help for sitting with him 3hrs a week, and on weekend

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Is there any way you can place him in a short-term respite program so you can get some well needed rest and go over everything with your husbands doctor? Have him go in on a Monday so you can get things done during the week easier.

You say you found a place for him. Contact them to see if they can do a respite stay - if they don't do those ask them who does - they will know and give you a referral. Also respite will give them an opportunitity to evaluate what his care needs are.

I would imagine that you are literally there 24/7?? If so you are approaching a burn-out. 3 hrs a week for an extra caregiver isn't enough time if he has alot of health issues.

There is no set list of behavior as to when to move someone to long-term care, assisted living, whatever, It really needs to be
what is the best for his level of care. Good luck.
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