my aunt, who I live with has alzheimers she was diagnosed in 2009. She has gotten progressively worse. The situation is she does not remember anything, I tried to prompt her soshe would remember an incident with a possum, she turned smacked me across the face and told me I was a 'liar' she has become increasingly violent towards me and very suspicious. I do notknow how to handle this, today she asked me to leave.

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I have learned that an alzheimer person lives in their own world and trying to get them to remember things in your world is frightening to them, it is best to enter their world when caring for them and not try to force them to remember past events, because they will forget it anyway, she probably has forgotten asking you to leave.
Remember, they are afraid and when talking to them it is best to look directly at them when talking to them, try to smile for even when they do not remember what you said they remember if you are angry or seem happy with them. When they become angry about something try to change the subject to something pleasant, if that is not possible do not talk about anything for a while, that will forget the anger.
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