his insulin dosage is 75 - 100 units of lantus. lantus is 175.00 per vial at the drugstore.

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Yes, eyerishlash, bunny rabbits. I tried to get them to stand in line and pay, but they would have none of that. They always made me pay for their medicines. Some antibiotics people use are used for rabbits, too. Most vets will have them in their office, but some will send you to a drug store. I went to the latter kind for a few months when one of my rabbits was ill. The Walgreen's savings really mounted up on that program. I've never been to Costco, so don't know how it compares.

75-100 units is a good bit of insulin. It tells me that diet alone will not help enough. People who make any money at all usually won't qualify for the "pauper programs," unfortunately. Doctors often have free samples of Lantus or Levemir pens. I hope that a doctor will help out until some way of getting the insulin is in place. I don't know why they make such important medications so expensive to individuals, who have to pay more than the insurance companies do, generally.
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Check Lantus website for savings card. Some manufacturers have resources if you can't afford your prescriptions. Diet is very important, especially now. Ask your pharmarcy for help.
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Costco showed 157.22 for a vial

All the "sustained released" insulins
Are fairly new, and thus will not be
in anyone's generic program.

Walmart does have relion brand
Fast acting insulin for less than
$28 per vial BUT THIS IS NOT THE

I hope the family has a couple days
Supplies so they can have time
To figure things out. The Dr might
Have some in pen form for samples
That would work for a few days to
get things worked out

Good luck
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Rabbits?? Like in bunny rabbits? They go to Walgreens?

I've heard that Costco is cheaper than other pharmacies and you don't need a membership card.
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Several things. First the average dosage is 0.5 to 1unit
Per kg of weight.
Since its Friday much will not get done...does
he have enough for a couple of days?
You also my consider diet modification to
Help bring down insulin need.
you might check other pharmacys about
Price. A quick check on goodrx showed
healthcare warehouse at $148.
Is your pharmacy locally owned...if so
Talk to them, I think they might try to
Help you out.
Can you barrow from friends/family or
Talk to your clergy....or use a credit card. need to find out if your
Husband can get cobra coverage. Do you
Work, do they offer insurance.
Also asap get on the internet at look
At patient advocate and needy meds, they
Can give you some leads. Also contact
The American diabetes Assn they have
A toll free number.
For a more perment solution, either new
Job with benefits, the federal high risk pool
Is now closed, look to see if your state has
A high risk health insurance, or if income/disability
Is a problem, then look into medicade.

I wish you well.
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So much depends on your income. If you are low income, you may be able to qualify for Medicaid. It is something you can look into. If you don't qualify, it may help to check with Walgreen's. They have a very good prescription program. You join for a certain amount, then get reduced prices for a year. You can check with them to see if Lantus is on their list of medications on the plan. If not, there may be another long-acting insulin that is.

Don't laugh, but my rabbits were on the Walgreen prescription program. It saved me hundreds of dollars.
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First, call the pharmacy. Explain the situation to them and see if they can give you enough for several days. You'll have to pay for it but it won't be $175.

In the meantime call the Dr. (I know today's Fri. but first thing Mon.) and talk to a nurse. Tell her the situation. Nurses are resourceful and can come up with all kinds of creative ideas.

My prescription coverage all of a sudden stopped covering a med I'd been on for 15 years. I found out on the Fri. I was supposed to pick up the new scrip. Long story short, my Dr.'s office (after 5pm on a Fri.) found a generic brand of a like drug that was covered and it worked out fine. Don't panic yet, barbara!
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