A few times lately when my husband wakes up, whether on his own or if I wake him for his morning meds, he doesn't seem to know who I am....he has asked me "where is Mom" (meaning me), and then tell me he is scared....He has eve asked me what my name is....I don't know if this is the next stage of the Alzheimers/dementia, or if he is possibly suffering from a recurrence of mild seizures diagnosed a year ago

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What about an event where he doesn't have to interact with others to the extent that he would feel challenged, but can relax and focus on the therapy? I'm thinking of the art and music therapy programs for those with dementia.

The local Alzheimer's branch may have some information on this.

Someone asked awhile back about another program and I was able to find the information on dance therapy for people with dementia and Parkinsons'.

There are a lot of references here on this site to dance therapy:

You can also google:

Dance therapy, dementia

Dance for life, Parkinson's.

The PBS program I watched included people with Parkinson's and Dementia. It was moving, very touching, and sometimes evocative of tears because the dancers literally touched the hearts of the participants and provided so much stimulation, interaction, joy and confidence.

There's a video here:

Find a therapeutic dance class near you:
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Phylis, if you can afford it it might be time for you to consider assistive living. You will be less isolated, you personally will benefit from the helpers readily available, and there will be programs you both can participate in.

As for his confusion in the a.m., is he on any meds to help him sleep, that could be a contributing factor. Even if he is not, they seem to have a harder time separating their dream world from the real world, and as time passes he will sleep more and spend more time in his altered reality even when he is awake. There may come a time when he no longer recognizes you, but even then you will still be able reassure him that you care for him and he is safe with you.
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Phylis, it sounds like you are looking for a senior center. I am a member of our local one. One of my friends there brings her husband each day. They eat lunch there, since there is the Meal on Wheels program that comes in. She talks to other people while he does things like use the computers or treadmill. She also leaves him there while she goes shopping. He functions fairly well right now, so she is able to do that.

Check at your local senior center and see what they have to offer. There are likely to be things for both of you.
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I have been looking for somewhere that I can take my husband (and myself) where we can participate and some type of activities that are geared toward the Alzheimer/dementia patient...we are so isolated at home that we don't get to see anyone and I feel some interaction with others would be good for him, but I don't want him to go into a day care program where most of the patients are so much worse off than he is...and he is too far into the dementia to go into one of the senior programs....does anyone know of day programs where we both can participate and that are geared toward the dementia patient?
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