He as Humana Insurance also Medicaid. He has not been in there a month. He is not able to walk, hardly at all. The had us get him to give up his apartment , and agree to go in long term. Which we agree would be better for him. How ever they change their story on us about this insurance paying for him for the 3 months. We have to put in a 30 days notice to his land lord, about the apartment he is renting. The rent has to be paid another month there. The skilled unit he is in I feel it is best , if he is taken some where else. They have lied to us over and over . Their way of doing things and changing things is uncalled for. They blamed I your company, saying your company was one of the worst insurance company's. The told me I could walk up and down there hall there and ask anyone who had you them about your insurance, They have to send a up date in every 7 days. Who knows what they want to put on that up date now. Or hen ever if that is true. Write back and tell me what is gong on. Please. Thank You,

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Most Medicare supplements don't pay for nursing home care, but if you were told that this policy would pay then you can report them to Medicare.

Companies have to earn their right to be a Medicare supplement provider so if they are not paying when they should please call the Medicare number and tell them that this company is not following the policy they promised. This won't be a fast process, so I'm not sure what to tell you about the short term Maybe someone else will have a suggestions.
Good luck,
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