I am trying to help my wife apply for Medicaid for her 84 year old mother and utilize the Community First Choice Program, where in a family member can be a paid caregiver. I am told that one must first apply for Medicaid. I am getting confusing answers from the local health department and social services about where to apply for Medicaid. I'm told that because of her age (84 years) it has to be done through Social Services. That doesn't make sense to me if there is an online application or phone application available through the state website. I'm also told that eligiblity is affected by what type of Medicare she currently has. I have not read that anywhere.

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This is a link to the State of Maryland's page which describes Medicaid benefits, eligibility and application process.
Department of Human Resources
Which Local Department of Social Services office to go to:
Problem with caseworker or supervisor:
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Question about Medical Assistance Eligibility Policy:
(410) 767-1463
1-800-492-5231, ext., 1463
Questions about services covered by Maryland Medicaid and other Medicaid questions:
410) 767-5800
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