I'm really struggling recently with being my Dad's caregiver. He lives in a great assisted living group home, but I am the power of attorney and even though I have 2 older sisters I am the only one helping my Dad. He has always been difficult to get along with and my Mom, my Dad and my sisters made decisions that caused them not to have a relationship so it falls to me. My anger and bitterness affects my ability to be compassionate when I have to deal with him. I've talked to him about it many times, and it will get better for a while and then he goes back to being difficult. I've been having anxiety attacks lately too. I truly feel stuck, and I know the only way the responsibility will end is when he finally passes away. What do I do until then?

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Look at it like a job. Try to stay emotionally uninvolved. Your "job" is to make sure he's safe and cared for at the assisted living facility. Don't "talk to him about it". The rest of your family obviously realize it's a toxic situation and have removed themselves. IF you choose to stay set boundaries and do the job but you don't have to interact with him. And remember you don't have to be his POA. Once you acknowledge this you will feel empowered. This is something you choose to do, not something you have to do!
Good luck, stay strong!
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