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There are no state homes anymore, every facility that accepts Medicaid also accepts Medicare rehab and private pay.

No one knew that my granny was Medicaid in her lovely NH and no one would ever believe the facility she was in was Medicaid accepting.

Some places are nicer than others, some have better management which translates into better care because the caregivers are treated better. Take time to visit several times, at different times of day, eat a meal, sometimes it is free other times you pay $6-$10. Talk to lots of staff, are they happy, angry, overwhelmed, rude, friendly etc. as a whole, that is a direct image of the management, bad management has unhappy employees. Do your homework and you should be okay, if not, you can always move.
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You don't have to get a lawyer to help with the application. That happens when there may be property involved. Which is the only reason I had a lawyer. I was given conflicting information. The lawyer came to the appt set up with the Medicaid rep. The application went smoothly.

If this person has nothing but their SS and maybe a pension, the application should go smoothly with a Medicaid caseworker. Medicaid does have a cap, depending on the state. You will need 5 yrs of bank statements and other info. There is a widow of about 90 days were you need to get all the info together and find a place for LO. If not done in that time, u will need to reapply. Medicare only covers LTC in a Nursing Home. In my state, they will pay for ALs only after you have private paid for at least two yrs.
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Apply for Medicaid. You’ll have to take a bed where available. You need to get an elder lawyer to help with the application.
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