Client is constantly trying to get my attention and distract me from doing approved tasks only by going on about they are doing or what they want to do and maybe I could it for them?

I don't understand the question. Maybe your client is lonely and wants company more than they want something done for them. I don't think that is being narcissistic.
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Just tell them you are there to perform certain tasks. Anything else needs to be done by them or family. Lets say your time is 6 hours and you are done what ur suppose to do, u could help out in other areas.
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Give your client 2 choices for what you need done; either of which are acceptable and appropriate to you. If your client stonewalls, explain you'll be back when he/she makes a choice. Your client's personality wants attention; you want task results. It's a quid-pro-quo with the only negotiation being your 2 choices, allowing him/her with the illusion of control, although in truth you are in control. Ultimately, perhaps the client is not a healthy candidate for care.
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