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Hello, my Mom recently went thru this with her oldest sister. It really depends where she is with the illness. Does she live with you? If so, do you feel safe, or have there been incidents? If you are not feeling safe, you call call the police, they will hospitalize for about 48 hours. The docs will observe her. It will be critical for you to document what has been going on, and enlisting their help.
if she lives alone, you can get a senior check done by your city or county social services to see how she’s doing.
You can also write a letter to her doctor explaining your concerns, and enlist her help.
If she’s driving, you can write the DMV if she’s unsafe. Good luck!
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It's going to be tricky to offer any intelligent answers with only that information to go on.

Where is your aunt currently living? Alone or with family members or what?
What are her physical and mental health like?
Why do you think it would be better for your aunt to go to an "old folks home"?
What's she got against the idea?
What tactics have been tried so far?
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