Uncontrollable diarrhea when shopping in a food store/general store. How to avoid? (not a frequent event)

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If I had this situation happen to me only once, I would no longer leave the house without wearing very reliable and absorbent disposable undies, including antiseptic and personal wipes, a ziploc bag (to contain the messed undies in a sanitary and merciful way, and extra disposable undies and change of outerwear. Sounds like a lot of fuss, but think if you needed it and didn't have it. Maybe keep it in the car so you don't have to haul it all around.
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Dollie1974 Jan 4, 2020
Hi Geaton777!

my mother has diarrhea or mostly soft Bowel movements, mostly in the morning (sorry to be so gross) So I usually don’t go out with her early in the morning, I’ve learned my lessons well! She does eat a lot of fiber, but meds like metformin sometimes does that. In certain cases, I give her an Immodium, and a banana for snack the night before, it helps a lot.

I too carry baby wipes, disposable gloves, depends, roll of toilet paper and paper towels, ziplock bags and an extra pair of socks (yes socks) cause one time it got that far...and of course pants. Just like a new mom carries a diaper bag I am also prepared with mom:)

thanks for sharing:)
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This happens to everyone, regardless of age. If one is planning on an outing, it stands to reason to be careful of what we eat immediately or even the day before. If certain foods ,like spicy ones have proven to cause issues previously, don’t eat them. If one gets the feeling that one needs to use the restroom, don’t put off the visit hoping it will go away. Pack flushable wipes and extra underwear just for the confidence of having them. If fear of accidents becomes an anxiety issue, speak with a doctor to see if a mild anti-diarrheal might work.
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Uncontrollable diarrhea can be a symptom of some digestive or autoimmune issues (e.g. ulcerative colitis), especially if you have other autoimmune issues. These are far more treatable today, thanks to new meds. It might be worth seeing the doctor. I’m so sorry you experienced that, and I wish you the best.
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I was going to say the same thing as Joy. Can happen to anyone. Same thing with vomiting 🤮 !

I agree. Watch your diet. Obviously, it can happen out of the blue but don’t risk going out if you realize that you are not feeling up to par.
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My MIL will take some Immodium a couple hours before going out. Uncontrollable diarrhea can also be a side effect of cancer treatment with radiation in the abdominal area, even many years after treatment.
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I was in 'Whole Foods' and 'it' hit like a flood!  I made it to the bathroom but the toilet seat had pee all over it so I just squatted and 'let go''.  It went all over the commode and my legs and clothes.  thank god there were plenty of paper towels in the cubical with me and a sink too.  I had a mess cleaning off the commode and myself and then there were customers banging on the door to use it.  I tucked my top into me pants because there was 'mess on the hem and I'm glad I had on black pants.  I know the cubical smelled, but there was nothing to do about it. 
A few weeks later I was in our local bookstore bathroom and heard a woman crying in one of the stalls.  I asked if I could help and she had done the same thing that happened to me except her pants, socks and shoes were covered.  She had called her neighbor to bring her some clothes and I kept giving her wet paper towels to clean up with and pulled the plastic liner out of the trash can for her to put the dirty clothes and shoes in.   The neighbor finally got there and she was so glad some one helped her. I told the staff there had been an accident in the stall.
I now carry a zip lock bag with at least five wet cloths and a pair of underwear and a plastic bag for any 'mess'.  I do wear extra large urinary pads when I go out just in case.
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For me I have made sure I know my grandmothers bathroom schedule. But there is those moments when things just happen. So I have a bag that I have made up with extra clothes and pads and bags. It goes everywhere we do. It has been very helpful. They can’t help it and feel really bad. The more I’m prepared and feel ready for what might happen the better I can help here.
Dawn 😀
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Oh yes, this was a stage my husband went through, too. It was not fun. I never figured out what caused it! A lot was going on including getting diabetes under control, recovering from a stroke, and starting dialysis. Everywhere we went, I always knew where the bathroom was. I also had a bag in the car with wipes and a clean set of clothes.

Since he was weak it made things worse. once we were on the highway, and I pulled into a camping area to find him a restroom. The only one they had was up two steps. Tough getting him up, but he somehow held it until he was there. Then, there were no grab bars. I’m afraid to say we broke the toilet paper holder trying to get him up. We left it a mess. I still feel guilty. I was so grateful when he stopped having explosive diarrhea.
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Wear good diapers. I would suggest the Medline Extended Wear ones. Yes, they are like little blankets and there's no hiding that you are wearing diapers unless you have a skirt on. But they soak stuff up really well. When grandma went through her liquid poop phase, they wicked that up no problems. They are also very good at controlling odor leakage.
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