Hello, I’m a Social Worker by profession and plan to work with someone who is 85yo to assist with doctor appts, take to movies, shopping etc. how much is a reasonable charge? Thank you!

PS I think this blog is fantastic. Ty all!!

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You do not "charge". Caregiving is an employer/employee relationship defined by the DOL. So when you take into consideration all the costs the person would have to incur having employees, how much can they afford?

The only other option would be for you to start your own business which begins with applying for a FEIN. The downfall of that is you will need more than one client and you will be responsible for federal and state self-employment taxes as well as liability insurance and other business requirements for your state.

If you met this client at your day job, you may be violating your employment agreement.
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I’m an RN (PA) but I do some companion care, including patient advocacy, which sounds like what you are going to do. I’d look to clear $35 for non-medical care. Enjoy! You’ll learn so many things and you will be so appreciated!
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