We are not a company. We are a forum of caregivers caring for LOs. We share our experiences hoping to help each other. You need to call around to care agencies and see what the going rate in your area is.
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What company and for what service?
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What company?
If you are asking what a caregiver gets per hour it depends on their qualifications, what they are expected to do.
Also it will make a difference if you are hiring privately or through an agency.
A worker that works for an agency will get less than if you were to pay someone. The agency gets a "cut". so if you are paying an agency $25.00 per hour the worker may be getting $10.00 per hour.

A little more information as to the type of information you want might be helpful.
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Muzyka Apr 17, 2019
Thank you very much for the answer, I'm a starting IP, and was not able to obtain the information as what I'll be making. I used to work for the agency and through the agency, and now I will be an Individual Provider working with the Aging and Long Term Care clients.

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