Grandma is in a skilled nursing facility, in the short term area after a hospital stay. She now needs long term, but where she is has a very long waiting list (she is #300+). We really like where she is and would love to keep her there!! I know they can't kick her out, but how long can we realistically hold her there, and hope for a long term bed?? She would've been discharged about 1.5 months ago, so we have already refused to take her out for that long.

The current facility can find another placement and transfer her to that bed.

But, even long term rehab has limits. Medicare limits at 100 days or sooner if the patient fails to continue to improve.

If she is too frail to be home, and not able to recover...she should be in a NH as a permanent resident. Not a rehab facility. If she can afford self pay, then you will have more options.
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I am assuming she is Medicaid eligable. You might have started the reseach when she origionally was placed in rehab. Now she met her 100 days and you are shocked. If the facility has only a few beds available it is often a 3 plus year wait. She will be placed anywhere an open bed comes up. You would have had a better chance if she started as a self pay or does he have a home you can sell to self pay?
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