My mother has a cognitive impairment, but it was never revealed to me, her daughter and only child. Mom is 87 and I believe we're probably dealing with vascular dementia due to her widespread arteriosclerosis. She is paranoid, delusional, and hallucinates. Within the last 8 months, she took a downward turn and she became a puppet for self serving relatives who came out of the woodwork to tear me down. They debase me, accuse and judge me, and my mother is a sponge, and just soaks it all in. She repeats what they tell her and talks about me to anything and anyone who will listen. I would love to take her cell phone away but know that I shouldn't. These people, have the nerve to come over to my house when I'm gone when they know they're not welcome. I call the cops to tell them they're trespassing, and they come out but never do anything. They plotted to hijack my inheritance and struck when the time was right. It almost worked. They slapped a bogus pfa against me. Two of my mothers nieces, through marriage, dragged her to court twice to testify against me for verbal abuse. The Judge threw out the case and even reimbursed my court costs. He said he never wanted to see her before him again. It was a big waste of everyone's time...not to mention the money we both lost. I was humiliated and had to sit next to my mother in court with my 2 relatives, as she fell apart on the stand. But they got what they wanted. Before they brought her in the courtroom, my one cousin, a lawyer, drafted a new POA and Will. I was disowned in the Will and the POA went to my Uncle who has been in her finances since my father died. Mom signed them. A few weeks after, my mother said she had no idea what she was signing and to this day still doesn't know. She said everything was done so quickly because they were late for the hearing. I have kids and they screwed them over too. My mother would never knowingly sign any document that did that. I had POA and everything was fine the way it was. I ask you ... WHO DOES THIS?

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Unfortunately a lot of people are like this. It's shocking. I've dealt with three
series of people attempting to take my father's money. And the kicker is that
many many seniors these days will outlive their money. So the money they
are attempting to take is money being taken away from needed care.

Some people will attempt to rob your parent, and then guilt trip you to care
for them out of your own pocket. Elderly people who are narcissistic or
memory impaired are favored targets. Those people who don't have hobbies
or strong sense of themselves when they age seem to crave constant
attention like children. Grifters are all too willing to provide for this in order
to gain access to money.

I've seen horrible behavior from people who I thought were friends. I'll never
be the same, knowing what I know now of how some people are capable of almost
any deceit to get their hands on money.

I'm so sorry you're dealing with this, contact an elder care attorney right away
and see if there is anything you can do. There may be recourse, but you
should act right away. Good luck!!!!
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Clothescolt Dec 2018
Thank you. You hit the nail on the metaphoric head! Yes! Mother is a drama junkie and is bored. She is using her assets to control me. My one cousin through marriage, my mothers far removed niece said to me, "if you want it all then you take care of her" EXCUSE ME...WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I'm an only child and have been so naive all my life. Thank you for your response ... you get it.
Sorry - you're saying that the new POA and the new will were signed by your mother shortly *before* the court hearing which resulted in the judge's making rude remarks about the accusations levelled at you and awarding you costs?

Back to court you go. You presumably have a medical history, you certainly have evidence that the people involved in creating the POA and supervising the will are in the habit of making vexatious claims (they can just ask the judge). You'd better apply for guardianship, and get advice as to whether the new will should be challenged.

i wouldn't waste any mental space onother people's motives or personalities, myself. Just focus on supporting your mother's rights.

Who is looking after your mother when you're not there, by the way?
And who are you blaming for not disclosing the cognitive impairment to you? - if you're the primary caregiver I'd have thought it your job to be on top of these things.

Of course, if you're not the primary caregiver there might be a whole nother side to the story, mightn't there.
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