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I think DPOA are standard in any state but as suggested, you may want to consult a lawyer.

Here are the Basics just to give u an idea. Usually when you assign DPOA to someone its Financial and Medical. Some people have assigned financial to one person and medical to another. IMO if ur the caregiver, you should be assigned both and I would not caregive if I didn't have DPOA.

There is immediate which means your POA is effective when the principle signs the papers. Springing, POA only in effect when the principle is found incompetent to make informed decisions.

DPOA means you are the principles representative. It doesn't mean you physically have to care for them or your at their beck and call. It also doesn't mean you have to support them. Your responsibility is to help them when they no longer can do it for themselves. If they need care, you have the ability to place them in an AL or LTC on their dime or applying for Medicaid. You carry out their wishes which should be written in the POAs.

If of sound mind, the principle can revoke the DPOA and assign someone else. Some people assign POA without the assigned person knowing it. So, the person assigned can refuse POA. The assigned can step down at any time. For some, if written in the POA, can get paid. It makes life easier when caring for someone to have POAs in place. But, it can become a burden too.
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I was my mom's POA when she lived in MA. I am not sure of your question or if you have something specific like a bank playing hardball. Hers was general and old. My husband's and mine are quite comprehensive and gives our appointed POA access that my mother's did not have.
When my mom had earlier and more cognitive issues but could not handle the checkbook or take diabetic meds on time. I still had to get guardianship. Since the courts had to determine that she was a vulnerable person, I had to get doctors forms and submit financials. One thing that was clear to the court was she appointed me. Now if she ended up incapacitated in a hospital. It would have been easier, except for that banker. I now know that a little nudge from an attorney could help. If you can become an added name on a checking account early will help.
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