He is needing Medicare nurses to handle IV antibiotics infusion therapy and wound vac and wound care. Yet newer treatments for wounds that are better in healing, like hyperbaric therapy and augolous skin grafts, are less painful with faster recovery.

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I now understand your other post. There is no such thing as Medicare Nurses. Most of what you have mentioned can be done in a SNF. There are "in home" agencies that supply the Nurses and the equipment and then bill Medicare. If you plan on caring for your husband at home, this is the way you would have to go and that is with a Doctor's order. But not sure if all you listed can be done in a home setting. The hyperbaric therapy is done at a Woundcare center where there is a chamber. This would mean being transported to and from. Medicare does not pay for this. Can u afford that?

Maybe time to allow him to be cared for in a SNF. You have grandchildren to worry about. I am not a Nurse and Alva will correct me, but it seems His skin is breaking down. It could be because he is bedridden. It has also been mentioned on this site that this happens when a person's body is shutting down. Are you grasping at straws? You may want to consult with a lawyer well versed in Medicaid about splitting your assets especially if you feel Medicaid is in your future. This way DHs split goes towards his care and when gone, you apply for Medicaid. You will remain in the home, have a car and enough money to pay bills. You wil not become impoverished.

I hope I have not been out of line but there comes a time when we just can't do it any longer. We need to allow someone more experienced to do the work.
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AlvaDeer Oct 15, 2020
Thanks for your splendid research into the history of this posters questions. And every single thing you said is spot on wonderful information.
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To be honest you should have done your research and been prepared to take your husband home. The level of care he requires is clearly beyond what you can provide at home. He needs to be in a care facility. The level of care he requires is nothing something Medicaid or Medicare is going to pay for at home. All of his home care services should have been set up (or in the works) before he came home.
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Medicare and Medicaid only pay for hyperbaric treatments for very specific types of wound care. Not all wound centers have the chambers. You should have set this up via discharge planning at the hospital.
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igloo572 Oct 15, 2020
The # of hyperbaric units in the US are about 1,500 including the really specialized pediatric ones.
yep, 1500 nationwide.
Mainly within or nearby a Health science Center (teaching hospitals), or a bigger coastal city (so it’s there for divers), or a Burn unit (like Scottish Rite ones). Or military medical, like Brooke Army Medical Center. Most have 2 chambers. So that makes it maybe 700 facilities.

It is like you said, you have to be needing “very specific care,”.
You have to be evaluated for it. It’s not a matter that your insurance or Medicare covers it so you can get bariatric automatic but more that you and your disease are suitable for it. There's an assessment done. My hubs got one done as a followup to a wound care needed due to infection in lymph “cave” weeks after surgery; we totally could do wound care at home so wasn’t needed. But the questionnaire was really intense, like there's lots of things that will exclude you from eligibility even tho insurance could cover it. Personally I can’t see someone with dementia going into a chamber for 1-3 hours staying still or moving as directed... and doing this for a series of treatments.
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Champ, did anyone ever raise the issue of long term hospital care, such as that provided by Select Specialty?    As I recall it's self funded once Medicare benefits run out, but it does provide 24/7 care in a hospital setting.    You may have to rely on Medicaid, but if it helps, it's worth it.

You could ask the doctor who treats him regularly or last treated him before he came home.    You might also ask if any of the nurses in that doctor's orrice can offer other suggestions; it sounds like he needs some specialized care. 

Is he by any chance a Veteran?  If so, is he registered for care through the VA?

As to infusion therapy, is that for cancer?
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There is a Chamber in Del. My GF was a juvenile diabetic. She got a sore on her foot that wouldn't heal so she tried it. My daughters Woundcare Unit is in a small hospital and she just showed me the room set aside for the chambers.
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Is this patient in SNF or Rehab?
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