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Since she was short I built steps/platforms. When she could no longer use them or had difficulty standing, I physically would lift her, pick her up to turn her. Only the steps/platforms were approved.
I do not recommend any of the lifting. I still have aches and pains from it. I finally gave up on the lifting part and took her to the ER in an ambulance.
She did not get better.
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Oh Boy!
First I lift weights - dead lifts- plus sit ups and crunches to keep my back and midsection strong.*
Out of bed: I use a combination of wheedling, cajolery and brute force.
Into a car or daycare buss: Same.
Out of daycare buss: Ditto with interest. (Took 5 people one day #5 did it with a song).
Into pickup: I’m sure if you watched a movie of that process you’d be ROTFLOL.**
Wheelchair: never tried but locking the wheels or bracing against a wall seems like a good idea. 
Shower: I give a fast sponge bath standing beside the tub/shower. Therefore entry/exit no problem. 
Etc: At dining table I stand behind a secretary chair on wheels so I can catch her butt dead center. I try to push it against the back of her knees so she sits back far enough. Chair like that you must be centered up or it’s all over. Advantage is the chair can be easily pushed up to the table.***

*At age 84 I’m using weights I used to warm up with; still it’s effective.
**I taught her to use the overhead handle to swing in but she has lost that the last few months. I built a 10” high platform from which she used the handle, swung in and bonked her head. I built a stair step to get out with - she managed to work around that and miss it completely. She is quite resourceful. To load her into my P/U I start out with high hopes, misgivings and a 1/2 hour to spare. 
*** I used to pick her and the regular 4-legged chair up but one time a leg came down on her foot - not good.

Thru it all I sing made up songs at her. They are terrible! But they help things move. :-) And it’s kind of fun, they often make even me laugh and if you can’t laugh…….
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Pops is physically healthy so this isn't an issue for us now but with my Father in Law and later with my Mother in law I used a sling style lift system. My husband and his brothers would just pick them up and move them around but I'm too small to do that.
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My husband is bedridden and if I need to get him out of bed, I use a Hoyer Lift. (Videos on YouTube). I was shown how to use the lift when he was in rehab. Your doctor can write an order for the lift and Medicare will pay at least for part of it. Ours was $1100. The doctor can do the same for any other equipment you might need. If you have a medical supply store nearby, go see what’s available for what you might need. Let your doctor advise you on what equipment you need.

As Old Sailor writes, never, ever try to lift someone out of a wheelchair, out of bed, etc. This is dangerous for both you and your loved one.
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There are transfer boards. Some wheelchairs have one arm/side that lifts up making it easier to transfer.

I would not recommend you doing the lifting unless you are a man lifting a woman. Professionals are taught how to safely do it and usually have two people lifting one. My GF was an aide for 10 yrs and by 60 it had done a number on her back.
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