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I agree with everything, save for referring to dear old brudder as 'poor guy'. Yes, in certain aspects, it is pitiful. However, from reading the original posts, I think this male was the golden you know what and they did nothing to curb his violent tendencies. A) they do not get this way in one generation and B) they do not get this way either over night.
Sadly, due to government 'screw the public' there are very few places to put these people.
I say 'move out' simply as a matter of self preservation. Brother will eventually go total schizoid and progress to murder.
you do need outside help.

two cents ¢¢
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I see the Brother as another victim of this situation. And a helpless one at that, not having the ability to get himself help and out of it, or to perceive the need to break away from mom's control. Regardless of his age or size at this point. He is still a human being who deserves dignity, consideration, and kindness to make things better. If he had been able to receive proper services from childhood on, he might not need a "place to be put". He's not boat to be stored over the winter, he's a person. It's not 1950 anymore where anyone with a disability or special need is warehoused away from the world so we don't have to see or deal with them. It has nothing to do with the government, but more to do with the mother's decisions his whole life long that have gotten the family to this point of crisis.

The lack of empathy for all members of this family is really unfortunate. The Brother is not some loose ape who needs to go back to the zoo. He needs as much help as anybody else.
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say what you want. I did not disagree bout there is sadness regarding brother. however, there are plenty of dead people who might not agree with this. read the newspapers: hardly a day goes by without some piece on folk murdered by these folk. the real problem is there is nowhere to put them. we have shut down the mental hospitals because, frankly, it is cheaper to let these situations stand. so what if some people die, the state has saved god knows how many dollars if they had been in a mental ward. and during the trial they are not guilty by reason of insanity, so they end up right back where they started from. yes, it'ssad.
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Sandwich is right. However, barring the invention of a time machine, we can't go back and make the mother get services for her son when he was a child.

Having worked with autistic teenage boys when I was in my early twenties, I know what it's like when a six-foot-two, 190-pound young man loses it and starts throwing punches. They're not loose apes, but they're scary when they're out of control. Dignity and consideration are great, but when chairs start flying and threats are being screamed, you call the cops, pronto.

This family needs help now, before someone is seriously injured.
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