My daughter is only interested in making sure that I don’t have any money. How do I protect myself and get control back?

Considering how many times you’ve made the same thread you probably shouldn’t be in charge of your own affairs, and the judge was right to give her guardianship.

Hopefully she’ll block your access to the internet next since you’ll likely fall for any scam out there.
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You need to stop posting these questions. We cannot help you. You need a lawyer. This was a Judges decision and a Judge has to reverse it. I am reporting the post.
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You never reply to our posts.
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AlvaDeer Feb 22, 2024
That always kind of makes me wonder if they are real. You know, could just be one of us having fun? Because Gunny kind of goes from inactive to posting this every day. If real, then I think he is badly in need of guardianship, and am relieved its here. If unreal, he's a bit of light relief.
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Gunny, if your daughter filed for guardianship, you would have been appointed a "Guardian ad Litem".

That is YOUR lawyer who represents your interests.

Admins, please take phone number down.
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Gunny, you have asked this same question at least 4 different times on this forum in the last several months. You obviously know how to use a computer, so why haven't you just "Googled" lawyers in your area to get the help that you believe you need?

And I will be reporting my response here, as you should NEVER post your phone number on any online forum.
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Please don’t post your phone number on this forum.

I wish you luck in resolving this matter.
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