Hi, I am looking for any advice I can get. My mom has recently moved in with my family and I. I have two children (3 and 1) that I stay at home with full-time. My mom is only 47 and is fully disabled from working at a all mens prison facility for 22 1/2 years and from car accidents. She has severe PTSD, depression, anxiety, along with many physical issues. I am trying to get all her papers, appointments, medications, etc. in order, but just need a little advice on how to do so. I also was wondering if there is any kind of help I could get financially to help her. It is really straining us financially since we are already a low income family. If I could get any advice I would be greatful and blessed.
Thank you for your time.

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Erin, I would check to see if the State/County prison has some type of pension since your Mom had worked there over 20 years. And if Mom can get disability pay from Social Security.

As for the car accidents, if the accidents weren't her fault, and she was injured, usually there would be a settlement of some type through the auto insurance.

Hopefully others will write to answer this question with other ideas.
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I would do an assessment of all her benefits and what she is eligible for. If she is entitled to retirement benefits from the jail review what they are.
It sounds like you will need some help taking care of her. I don't know of many insurances that cover in home care but maybe your mom has such benefits.
I would begin looking around in your area for home health agencies, call and get their rate schedule so you can budget for it as most in home aides are private pay. See if she is eligible for any programs through your local Dept of Aging. 
I feel for both of you, especially your mom being so young. What is her level of mobility, if any? Can she help with toileting, bathing, etc or is she total care?
Good luck to you both.
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