I'm in the process of obtaining guardianship. I wanted to know, how do banks and institutions handle the Alzheimer's person after the accounts are officially changed? for example, Elderly Alzheimer's person calls the bank and inquires about their account, does the bank redirect them back to the guardian or does the bank just provide generic information?

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I can only speak as to my company, but once we receive an order of guardianship/conservatorship, it comes to me (Legal), I review for content/validity, I advise if it can be "recorded". The account is now considered owned by the "Guardianship of the Estate of XYZ" or however the state has determined how it should be titled. If that Guardianship order is in okay, I advise to restrict the account.

We have a special restriction code for such matters so it should be seen by our call center associates. If the owner now under a guardianship calls in, and the code comes up, our call center tries to be sensitive and answers general/generic information, but we can't take their instruction unless the order permits it. We will have to refer them to the guardian in some circumstances.

If that phone call somehow gets referred to me, I usually ask an associate to contact the guardian and let them know what is going on.

We do get requests from Guardians (typically family members, but good professional guardians ask us too) that we go ahead and talk with them, and say that we'll send forms or we'll do something, and to just let them know. A good guardian will talk to the person and try to understand what it is they want to do - it may be perfectly reasonable.

What would you like the bank or other companies to do if your loved one calls after you obtain guardianship?
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