My grandma has Alzheimer's and her son is extremely toxic and lies and steals and verbally abusive. Hes threatened multiple times to hurt her. Hes been out of everyone's lives for almost 10 yrs and now popped in pretending to be all nice and wanting to randomly keep showing up at her house. He's threatening and saying horrible things to my mom who lives with her and is her primary caretaker. Any way to protect them?

Call the police and ask them what Mom can do. Whose house is it? If Moms she does not need to allow him in and can call the police when he tries to break in. Grandmom's house, things maybe different. Is she afraid of him? Or does she consider him the golden boy. If grandma is afraid of him then get a restraining order. If he is threatning Mom try for a restraining order. Does your Mom have POA? To protect grandma she can use it to keep him away sighting that his visiting upsets her.
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