My mom has a serious back problem and recently got surgery on her upper spine. she is going to be 49 yrs old but is very limited on being able to take care of her self she can still walk but has a walker, arthiritis and sleepapnia. Im concerned about her emotional wellbeing because of her surgery as well Could someone let me know how I can get her help.

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Is Mom still in rehab?

What kinds of things is she unable to do? Can she
get up from a chair or bed and walk with a walker?
toilet herself?
make a simple meal?
use the microwave?
use the telephone?
use public transportation? (call a cab or take a bus?)

Since Mom is 49 I'm guessing that you and your sister are in your twenties or thirties. You are either raising a family or working or both, right? Interrupting your career and social lives right now might not be the wisest solution here. What is your idea about your sister being Mom's caregiver?

Was Mom working when these problems started? Is she on disability now?

Has her doctor ordered any in-home care for her, such as a visiting nurse, or someone to help her bathe, or physical therapy?

Tell us a little more about the situation, Rivera1234.
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