Sunset, the vast majority of grown children do not get paid for taking care of a parent.... unless the parent can pay them from their own retirement fund.

Now, your sister could check with the State Medicaid [different from Medicare] to see if your Dad could qualify for Medicaid, and to see what programs the State has available. Each State runs their own programs. If the State does offer payment, please note the pay could be minimum wage for a few hours each week.
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I guess that it depends. Do you mean for your dad to pay her? If/when he would need to go in a NH and on Medicaid, would this money paid to her be expected to be paid back? Or is it a legitimate, allowable expenditure? I don't know how that works but would important to find out.

Outside of this challenging arena, it makes logical sense for a caregiver to be paid for their time. I could see at the very least dad could give your sister some money to pay for her simple things like her gas money to get to him, and food for her eat while she's caring for him, etc. Maybe that's overly simplistic, but maybe it's a start.
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sunset01 Jan 25, 2019
Thanks for suggestions. Know when I had to quit my job to care for my mom everyone kept saying i should get paid but no one seems to know how. At least I have my husband's income to help, my sister doesn't have that option and she is going through savings.
If your dad is going to pay your sister for taking care of him, then there need to be a written contract between them stating he will pay her ____ for doing _____ care giving duties. That way, you have an explanation of where money went to when and if he needs coverage by Medicaid.

The most frequently asked question on this site is can I get paid for taking care of my parent? I wonder who is telling so many people that they can get paid?
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