My mother was on Medicare and Medicaid for several years in another state. Then she had a stroke and I had to move her here suddenly (to my state). She has been here with Medicare, Medicaid, and receiving some home assisted care from Medicaid Waiver. She finally is at the point where she will agree to more care, but only independent living with some additional support for meds and light house cleaning. Mom gets basic social security, and we would have to pay about $2000 more a month for her care. We are willing to do that for her safety, but it occurred to me last night that us paying for the care might be considered income and get her kicked off Medicaid. If that is the case we could not pay for her additional medical expenses. Then if she needs to go to a higher level of care, we also could not afford that. Any help or direction to help would be greatly appreciated. If we are going to move on this new set up, we can only afford it if we sign in November.

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You should speak with a Certified Elder Care attorney who's well versed in Medicaid before you do anything further. There are very strict rules about Medicaid and if your mother can afford $2K extra in expenses each month, she may very well get kicked off of the program if you're not careful.
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Ask that same question to yourself. Can I afford a bigger house with a mortgage price increase of 2K. You would say no...nice to have but not need to have.
She is receiving Medicaid for at least needs for 3 ADLs. If she lived alone, would she go to the dining area on time for meals? No one is going to go get her. You already mentioned that she needs med help. She could also choose to stay in her room all day and not partake in socializing. That is not considered safe. I am just curious on how this can be done with a 2 business day deadline.
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I don't think this is a wise move but I would talk to her caseworker. Mom needs more care then she can get from an independent living. The name says it all, she needs to be independent. She should not have any Dementia. She should be able to do her ADLs. She should be able to get herself down for meals. Independent living is for those who can afford it. Its for people who like socialization. Will take advantage of the activities and outings. Enjoy eating with others. If Mom has aides, independent living is not for her. Might as well place her in an apt. Mom needs an Assisted Living she can't afford. The next thing is Longterm care with Medicaid paying.

"she will agree to more care, but only independent living with some additional support for meds and light house cleaning" Do you think that filling a pill box and doing light housekeeping is worth an additional 2k a month? My nurses did pill planners once a week. It doesn't take an hour. How dirty can your Mom be. Light housekeeping should not cost more than $50 a week. I don't see where you could justify the cost.
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