I moved in with her to help her..& now I’m much WORSE than I’ve ever been! HELP... please


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A person with MS should never be a caregiver. The stress alone is not good. The less stress my cousin had the better.

You need to call your Office of Aging and/or the Disabilities Dept in your county. If receiving Social Security Disabilty or just SS you may qualify for SSI, which is a Supplimental income. You may also be able to get a housing voucher thru HUDD or your State Disability Dept. There maybe HUDD housing in your area. HUDD will cover rent 70 % with you paying the other 30%. Utilities like electric and cable are ur responsibility. Social Services can help u with SSI and housing.
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Are you on SSDI? Have you spoken with a social worker to see what other housing options there may be for you? If she is physically abusive, call 911. If she is taken to the ER make sure the hospital knows she has dementia, you are disabled and it would be an "unsafe discharge". Then perhaps the hospital social worker will start the process of finding placement for her and the county will pursue guardianship and then you won't be responsible for her care anymore. Request an evaluation from social services for in-home help. It won't be full-time but may be better than nothing. I wish you success.
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