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When you call your local senior center or other facility sponsoring and arranging for the Meals on Wheels, ask if there's a Social Worker on staff.   (There was in my father's area).   She/he may have some other suggestions on getting assistance.

In my county, there is some help, but I'm not sure of the extent of it.

Did her physician recommend any therapy?   When I was getting therapy in a hospital PT program (better than the private sector therapist in my opinion), there was a woman also getting PT, for a stroke.    Her legs had been affected, she was in a device like a child's high chair with a ring around her to hold onto but which extended down to the floor, so she could walk with the assistance of a therapist while protected and balanced by the ring arrangement.

It was an intriguing device and a good method for her to learn to walk again.  Perhaps her doctor could script for therapy.
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Please contact local churches in your locale. Ask the churches if they have a care ministry. You do not need to be a member of the church for them to be willing to help you. Also call charities like the Salvation Army and keep asking for other resources with each place you call. Also call any Senior Centers in your area. Go online and join and let your nearest neighbors know you could use some help. I wish you much success and many blessings.
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Does your wife qualify for medicaid? If so she would qualify for some in home help, although it sounds like she really needs 24/7 care and if you are still working that means you would need someone in your home for at least 8 hours, until you got home. Also you can look into getting meals on wheels delivered.
It's tough, I know. My husband had a massive stroke back in 1996, and continued to go down hill over the years. He too wanted to stay in our home, and I am grateful that I was able to keep him here until he just recently died in Sept., but it wasn't easy to say the least.
If it gets to be too much for you, you may have to place her in a facility, whether she wants to or not. You have to do what's best for the both of you, not just her. There are no easy answers, but thankfully there is help out there. You just have to do your homework. Best wishes.
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For the meals - have you called about meals on wheels?
The caregivers are likely going to be more difficult, try contacting your local agency on aging to get her a needs assessment and to find out what is available in your area
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