Hospital transferred my mother to a nursing home we don't like or want our mother in and they knew that but did it anyway just to get her out of the hospital because said her insurance won't cover any longer the stay. Also said some of the homes were full and some said no they didn't want to take her cause she screams and yells at times. But that's because she was in a hospital a week and tired being there. Yes she does scream at times only cause she wants to come home at home she would scream my name cause she don't wont to be alone really at a nursing home she screams and yells more its at night time because she up all night for some reason she can't sleep and don't like going to bed at night the most she get a day would be 4 to 5 hrs. My sister called a Dementia nursing home and they had rooms and also said we can't take her cause of her screaming my sister said why. They said they don't have to give any reason why.

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My heart goes out to you and to your poor mother. Unfortunately, I believe all that was told to you is true. The insurance will only pay for a certain amount of time in the hospital - based on the existing health issue. Hopefully, the social services department at the hospital did do what they said as to calling different facilities - to no avail.

My mother was in a NH - did not have screaming issues - but, mental health problems - and there were several occasions when the NH advised me that unless she became less disruptive - they would give 30 days notice and I would have to find her another facility. I worked closely with the social worker, nurse manager, etc. and agreed to new medication for her. This was the answer and it helped my mother so much. She calmed down and was actually enjoying her life and adjusting much better.

Due to this, she was able to stay at same facility. Hearing about your mother screaming breaks your heart, perhaps the proper meds could help her with this anxiety. I was so grateful for this, as I had looked into other facilities in case the day came that she had to leave; and learned other facilities could refuse her due to the mental health issues and disruptive behavior. Sad, but true.

Hugs to you and hope things turn around for you and your mother.
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